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Customer Testimonials

Dear Angie
I just wanted to say THANK YOU very very much for being so incredibly patient and understanding, helpful, lovely, trust worthy and genuinely nice during all of our sessions and mostly of all for bringing AMAZING changes to my life.
I went to see Angie to see if she could help me build up my confidence, I had very low self esteem, I was feeling very low and was also struggling with feelings about my weight and attitude to food. I initially had a consultation where I went through how I was feeling and the difficulties I was struggling with each day and the changes I was wanting to make. I was amazed how much better I felt on leaving that day, emotions that were buried were brought out and I left feeling very positive that I could change the feelings I had been carrying round inside for so many years. After three weekly sessions with Angie I left feeling really happy and so positive with my life, I have a confidence I could only dream about before I went. I have a completely different attitude to food, I find my body tells me when i need to eat, subconsciously I now have far smaller sized portions, and for the first time ever I actually really taste the food I'm eating. Angie Hyde is an angel in disguise, I am now in control of my own life and happy to face the future and know I can deal with whatever should come along. My only regret is not taking that first step contacting Angie sooner, anybody who genuinely wants to make changes to their life believe me Enhanced Change is the way to do it. I will go back to see Angie should I feel the need to reinforce the changes I have made within myself.

Thank you so much Angie for all the support you have given me.

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Thanks to you SO very much
I went to see Angie, feeling very unhappy about my weight, and generally feeling down. My confidence and self esteem at it's lowest after a stressful year. Angie took me through a complete consultation first, to establish how I felt, and what changes I wish to make. Some difficult emotions came to the surface, but I left that day feeling less troubled with a good solid plan on how Angie intended to help me deal with these feelings. After a good few sessions with Angie, I am happy to report that after five months, I feel happy, well adjusted, ready to face what ever life throws at me, oh and two stone nine pounds lighter. And believe me when I say, I have not been dieting at all!!!
With Hypnotherapy, I have subconsciously learned how to listen to my body, eating when needed and nourishing it with real food. And I still enjoy all the treats I did before. Enhanced Change is the best way I could describe, how Angie Hyde has helped me, to regain control of my life.   I still continue to see Angie from time to time, to keep these life changes anchored in place and I cannot thank her enough. For those of you, who are focused to make positive change, Enhanced Change is the best first step you can take. You will not regret taking this step, and with Angie's support you will get there. 
Thank you Angie, will see you soon.

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd